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Welcome to The Peruvian Paso horse forum. Set up to be a place for admirers, owners, breeders and people with little or no knowledge of the Peruvian horse to interact. Any aspect related to the Peruvian Paso may be discussed. Members may suggest subjects for categories and boards. Following is basic information on structure and features of this forum. Check the features and the forum itself, then register as a member and join the fun. The resources are here, the members will determine the growth and success of this site.

Basic Organisational Structure

The Peruvian Paso Forum is structured in five layers, Forum, Category, Board, Topic and Post.
- Forum is the entire Peruvian Paso Forum containing a number of categories.
- Categories may be comprised of a number of Boards. Categories separate groups of Boards for clarity.
- Boards may be comprised of a number of Topics.
- Each Topic will be comprised of one or more Posts.

The peruvian Paso layout is clean and simple for speed and security. It is tested with Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and IE and looks the same in all these browsers.

Overall Security

Security has been the top priority. A secure environment for our members is essential. Identities of the users are verified on each action without exception to prevent abuse.

Member Security and Privacy

Member's Email address: Member's email addresses are always hidden. The only group who can view members' email address is the Administration group. Even Moderators do not have access to such information.

Member Profile
There is no separate member profile page. Profile information is provided along with the posts.Thus protecting member privacy.

Links are not parsed in posts unless they are especially marked (using tags) to be parsed as links.

External Elements
Use of external elements such as images is restricted in order to preserve members' and visitors' security and privacy. The Peruvian Paso Forum does not include ICQ, MSN, Yahoo messenger links which not only pose a privacy concern, but also slow down the page load.

No Java and JavaScript
The Peruvian Paso Forum does not use or require Java or JavaScript at all.

Password Security
Passwords are automatically created and sent to the email address of the registrant.
Users may change passwords but they must contain both 'Lowercase' and 'Uppercase' characters in addition to non-alphabetical characters such as '._-1234567890'. There are limitations on min-max length of passwords.
Every time users change their Email address, their password is automatically reset. Providing a dummy email address will render the account inoperable.

Email Security
After registration, change of email address and reminder requests, password is emailed to the email address provided by the member. Email will include the Forum name and the password BUT not the username. If the email is intercepted, there wouldn't be a risk of someone using the password.

The Peruvian Paso Forum does not use or place cookies for clients browsing the forum. Authentication is performed with a cookie which is created and deposited after login.

Cookies are all temporary cookies which would be discarded automatically by browsers after the browser has been closed.

Cookies contain no user identifiable data. The data is created on each login. Users would automatically be logged out after a period of inactivity therefore there is no chance of someone else being able to use the cookie after users have left the computer unattended for a period of time. The down side of it would be that users would need to login on every visit but that would be a small price to pay.

Registration uses a verification image to prevent automated robot registration.


The Peruvian Paso Forum is FAST. Every effort has been taken to increase the speed of The Peruvian Paso Forum.

The forum thus does not have any in between pages indicating 'please wait while we transfer you' like some other forums.

Forum Operation

User Selectable Language
Subject to availability of language files, users can select in their profile, their preferred language for displaying forum texts and information (not posts).

User can upload Avatars. Avatars once selected by a user, will no longer be available to other users therefore each users will have a unique avatar.

The Peruvian Paso Forum produces an RSS which lists posts titles of the selected forums and can be read with any RSS reader.

Polls are included. Starting and voting is limited to members only.

The Peruvian Paso Forum includes Private Messaging with both visual and audible notification of new messages. PM has an auto delete function which deletes older messages once the box is full.