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2009 USPHA National Peruvian Horse Show (Views 5,448)
Posted by PPforum 25 Sep 2009, 23:14


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The USPHA National Show is an Open show in ALL respects--open for all Peruvian Horse owners, trainers, and exhibitors regardless of Peruvian Horse organization membership; it is NOT required to be a USPHA member to participate in the show and it is NOT required that your Peruvian Horse be registered with USPHA in order for it to participate in the show; USPHA recognizes all other Peruvian Horse registries of the world for purposes of showing (and also for registration) .

Everyone is very cordially invited and welcome to attend.

The Honorable Charles Brooks shall officiate. Mr Brooks is one of the most highly respected and experienced Judges of National Peruvian Horse shows of the USA including many times officiating at PPHRNA, AAOBPPH and Napha US National Shows as well as having been selected as Judge at Peruvian Horse shows outside of the United States over his long career as a Judge of Peruvian Horses.

The USPHA Show class list includes many familiar standard classes and also some new and meaningful aspects and events we think you will like such as the new Adult Bozal Horse competition for USPHA Specialty Award US National Best Adult Bozal Horse, a complete Pleasure Division, new---the breed's first and only Championship Division for Professionals (Champion Professional Performance Horse Division---Professional status declaration required), Crystal Horse classes for Breeding and Pleasure, Trail classes, Luxury Geldings Stakes, Leadline, Junior Exhibitor classes and High Point Awards, etc., etc.

Also---unique and very important and meaningful for many people is the revolutionary requirement in the USPHA Show that ALL horses to compete in bit Breeding and Gait classes in the show must perform the 3 mile Prueba Funcional at the start of the show and that the Prueba will be conducted as part of the show, and in fact are the first events of the show (two heats) and with all present invited to attend and observe too---imagine an arena full of great Peruvian Horses and their happy riders riding at ease non competitively in front of you (or with you!!) to start your show off right!!---with music and the famous Peruvian Horse smiles of course--!!!

On a serious note----The unique in all the world USPHA Prueba at the start if the show for all Breeding and Gait Bit competitors requirement was instituted by USPHA out of our tremendous respect and love for the authentic Peruvian Horse as one of the world's strongest and hardiest long distance light riding horses and our wish to celebrate, enjoy and safeguard those aspects of our beloved breed. This requirement also places all of the horses which compete and place in the Breeding and Gait Divisions at the USPHA National Show in an extraordinary and very special category within the Peruvian Horse Breed worldwide as those horses will have (and will be able to publicize) competed and placed (and/or won) under the highest standards and most strenuous requirements in the breed today, world-wide; no other National competitive or Champion horses will have done so.

Again, everyone and all Peruvian Horses from all associations are cordially invited and welcome--hope to see you there!!
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