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Welcome and Forum Rules (Views 53,640)
Posted by PPforum 27 Aug 2005, 21:50
A happy welcome to the Peruvian Paso message board. Anyone with an interest in Peruvian horses may join in all discussions. We welcome you to start your own topics. please make sure the topic is relevant to the board and category. Suggestions for new categories and boards are gladly accepted and reviewed for inclusion.


Please read the rules below carefully and obey them to avoid an account termination/ban!

1) A disagreement with someone's point of view, is acceptable and good, lively discussions are encouraged on this forum. But personal attacks, or attacks based on a person's race, national origin, ethnicity, religion or gender, are strictly prohibited. When you have a disagreement with someone's opinion or point of view, address the subject, don't attack the person. The Peruvian Paso Forum does not condone harassment in any form. Posts which harass other members will be deleted. Any member who targets another member specifically to cause him/her distress, embarrassment, unwanted attention or other discomfort is guilty of harassment.

2) Do not use posts on the board to advertise your products or products from other companies. The message board shall not be used as a personal classifieds for your services, tack, or horses for sale. Opportunities for buying and selling tack, horses and services are available at

3) All posts must conform to the specific board where posted. DO NOT put posts in the wrong boards. post in a board that is totally unrelated WILL GET YOU BANNED. THIS RULE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. Its not hard, put posts in the proper boards! Request a new category and board if your subject does not fit any current board.

4) Requests, suggestions, reports of abuse or complaints may be posted in the member feedback boards ONLY!

5) Members shall not post any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind. Posts containing any of the forgoing will be deleted, and a member who persists will be banned. Posting credit card and/other illegal info/activities is strictly forbidden.

6) Posting links to other related sites is strictly forbidden.

7) Posting in ENGLISH ONLY is allowed unless a complete English translation accompanies a post in a different language.

8) Posting only to get your post count up is NOT tolerated!

The administrator just does not have the time to monitor. re-install or repair this forum on a regular basis. It is 100% up to the users whether this remains or dies, your choice

* More Posting Rules may be added - keep checking!...

Thank you and Enjoy!

The Peruvian Paso Forum. Administration

Tips on Registration and Use

This Forum software is a little different than others, it was developed with Security in mind so it relies heavily on those issues which can lead to some concerns to new users. This is done to provide a sane and secure forum for our members.Though I am sure I will not mention all I will try to touch on the basics here.

* After you register, your password is sent to your email address you registered with, so you MUST use a valid email address. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AFTER YOU LOG IN VIA YOUR PROFILE.

To start with when you first register you WILL be e-mailed a password prior to being able to log on. You cannot log on until you get this and input it, cut-n-paste from your email,that is easier than typing it. All names, passwords ARE case sensitive so be careful there.

Your log on name will be your user name so pick one you want.

Once you get your password and log in you can go to your profile and edit things. Your first edit will more than likely be your password as we all have ones we like to use for memory sake. You MUST have at least 1 Alpha character and at least 1 number, example.

1. Yourname1 <--- This will work
2. yourname <--- This will not

Once you have done this and hit modify the screen will come back blank, do not think it did not save, it did. Let me stress this, DO NOT RE- ENTER IT AGAIN, IT WILL JUST CONTINUE TO LOOP BACK AND FORTH AND NEVER CHANGE.

Now after doing that you can edit the rest of the stuff as you see fit.

IF you are experiencing difficulties registering or logging in, please e-mail the forum administration by replying to the password e-mail sent to you on first registration. Your mail will be answered as soon as possible.

Now that was the hard stuff, the rest is easy, normal system operation. Just want to touch on a couple things here.

When you click to read and/or post something afterwards you going to ask, How do I get back to the Main Index? There are 2 ways, either click the The Peruvian Paso Forum Logo at the top of the page OR look a bit to the left of the screen, you will see a drop down box to make jumps to different areas, that works great.

Lastly IF you add a picture to your post and hit preview instead of post it will not show and you will have to select it again, you can edit your post afterwards if something went wrong during posting. Read the limits on size prior to uploading.

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