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Gait info (Views 8,030)
Posted by Luis 1 Oct 2005, 22:42
Hello, I was wondering if any of you have information on the gaits of the Peruvian Horse. ie. How, when, why they should be gaiting, etc.



Gait info- and HELP PLEASE!!
Posted by Dawnita1961 29 Jul 2007, 15:45
Peruvian Paso's are BORN gaiting. They are not built to trot, and therefore, they don't...they have a lateral gait and demonstrate termino (I have heard this referred to as the "mixmaster" gait). The paso llano (Yah-noh) is the equivalent of the trot only in that it is the 2nd gait of the horse following the walk. The sobreandando is the 3rd gait of the peruvian...and I personally have a mare that has been clocked at 18 mph at this gait. That is...they can almost FLY and that is what it feels like too!! They can also canter and gallop but I know my mare's canter is slower than her sobreandando and she doesn't seem to enjoy it is also not as smooth as her other gaits.

That being said...I am training a young gelding...and he is the 1st PP I have trained myself. He does a wonderful paso llano, but when I ask him for a sobreandando...he does some jiggy thing that is anything BUT smooth. It is not so rough as a trot in a trotting breed, but not very comfy to ride. Is this what is referred to as a paso trote? And how do I get him to smooth it out. I noticed he did better when we were in sand at the beach and wonder if deeper footing in practice might improve his ability to smooth out.

He is not a purebred...he is 7/8ths and I think he may actually be able to trot a bit and that could be where this frustration is stemming from. He is very bright and compliant for the most part and even if we can't get this figured out, he is an going to be an awesome trail horse. I don't plan to show him...but I would like to get that "flying sobreandando" out of him too, someday.

Posted by PPforum 29 Jul 2007, 23:07
Hi Dawnita,

The gelding may be doing a pasitrote, becoming too diagonal or may be doing a pace, becoming too lateral. Have someone observe the horse in gait to determine which it is. I will guess he may be becoming pacey. In that case his spine is becoming too stiff thus making him move more laterally. Work on his lateral flexion (bending exercises) and riding at a walk and slow gait while maintaining the flexibility. After that is accomplished begin asking for increased speed in steps. Remember if you push a Peruvian to gait at its fastest possibly gait it should be a pace and that will also become bumpy. Each horse has its own abilities and he may not be capable of the same performance as your mare. Still is a fun goal to try accomplishing.
If he is pasitrote do the same steps but ask for greater collection when increasing speed and see if that helps. Work to engage the rear end and he should smooth out.

I will discourage work in deep sand for a young horse. It is harder on young legs.

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