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Saddles (Treeless) (Views 5,398)
Posted by Rita 25 Jul 2006, 13:22
I was wondering if it's OK to use a Treeless saddle on a Paso.
I'm a brand new rider and owner, and any advice will be very much appreciated.

Posted by PPforum 30 Jul 2006, 01:21
Welcome Rita,

Yes, treeless saddles are fine. There is even a treeless saddle now being made in Peru. Almost any sadde will work if it fits the horse and rider properly. Proper saddle fit and proper conditioning of the horse will provide many years of enjoyable riding.

Glad to see a new Peruvian owner. Hope this forum can help you. And tell all your friends.


Posted by Ilovepasos2 11 Aug 2006, 17:53
Hello, I am a newbie here...but not to horses. Treeless saddles can be a No-No for heavy weight riders. You will note I said can be..... it depends on why you are using it, how well it fits you and your horse and how you ride. A balanced rider is going to do much better in a treeless saddle than one who doesn't have their seat yet. Be sure to check carefully for dry spots, do this if you are average weight too, but it is more important with a rider that is on the heavyweight range. I believe you can check out weight ranges on the distance riding website.

And also as ppforum stated they need to fit well. ( Any saddle does) People who are unfamiliar with fitting saddles and horses conformation should find a RELIABLE vet or horse person to help them fit a saddle. Try wearing a pair of shoes one size too small for you without socks and that is how an ill-fitting saddle feels to a horse. Not fun......

Fitting a saddle is a lot more complicated than just putting it on a horse and cinching up. If you take purchasing a saddle very seriously you and your horse will have wonderful comfortable rides with out sores or crankiness. It really does pay to take this part of horse ownership seriously. Next to the horse and trailer the saddle should be the next most expensive thing you purchase unless you are lucky enough to buy a really good saddle that fits your horse perfectly.....


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