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tacking up (Views 5,954)
Posted by queenoftorts 2 Jan 2007, 15:24
What is the proper way to tack the guarnacion, tail piece. Does the crupper fit inside the leather piece at the back and then under the tail or does the tail piece sit on top of the crupper and the tail, not being attached at all to the tail piece? It seems that it slides side to side if not attached to the crupper. Thanks to anyone who can answer. [??]

Posted by PPforum 9 Jan 2007, 14:20
The crupper fits under the cuarnacion. Run the end of the crupper with the punched holes that attach to the buckle at the back of the saddle through the leather channel on the underside of the guarnacion. The crupper strap and the guarnacion strap can then be loosely attached to the buckle on the back of the saddle. Slide the guarnacion up toward the saddle, allowing you to see to place the crupper under the tail. Make sure no hairs are trapped between the crupper and tail aand tighten the crupper at the buckle to the appropriate length. Now you can slide the guarnacion down the crupper strap till it is positioned over the tail. Tighten the guarnacion strap so it lies smoothly. Now the guarnacion is secured from sliding side to side by the crupper strap. :)

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