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peruvian and overgrown hooves (Views 5,725)
Posted by hillfarm 20 Aug 2007, 01:52
I have been searching the internet for help with this question and Cannot seem to find any boards dealing with health concerns in pasos.

I am a previous paso horse owner, and am considering purchasing a couple of new ones, problem is they have been without foot care for a very long length of time and are extremely overgrown especially on the front feet.

Will this affect the ligaments of these horses? Having had one Paso with DSLD I am not into buying into two more with suspensory ligament problems. THese are young horses 1-3 years. I would love to give these guys the home and the care they need, just not willing to buy into future problems.

Posted by PPforum 23 Aug 2007, 13:02
Certainly not an ideal situation. Additional stress may be put on the ligaments depending on the hoof angle that the overgrowth is causing.As the coronary band angle gets steeper the stresses will increase. I would examine that angle to see what it is and examine the ligaments for any signs of damage. If that angle is extreme and there is no sign of damage, I believe beginning proper hoof care and a coronary band angle of 30 degrees will solve the problems and no long term effects will result. Putting the internal structures of the hoof at the proper angle will preserve the ligaments and tendons and even allow healing of any damage that may have occurred.
Examine the overall conformation of the horse with particular attention to the legs but starting from the shoulders and hips and working down. Of course no horse is perfect but avoiding major alignment and angle defects here will go a lot further in preventing future leg problems than the current overgrown hoofs may cause.
Suspensory ligament problems are rare and most likely due to injury, misuse, or poor conformation. DSLD is hugely overhyped and misdiagnosed. Overal check for damage, check for conformation defects,( if you do not feel qualified to assess these get professional help ) and then make your informed decision on purchasing.

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