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Posted by govtmule 26 Sep 2007, 00:10
I just bought my first Peruvian. What is the best book, website, etc. to learn more about the breed? Her blood lines are: Sire- Onix LRP by Savaje Negro LRP, Dam- Isadora Roja by Manadado. Are these good blood lines? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Posted by PPforum 27 Sep 2007, 09:26
Hi govtmule,
Welcome as a new Peruvian owner. Unfortunately good information is hard to find on Peruvian horses. The only book I have read is by Vern Albright, "The Peruvian Paso and his Classis Equitation". The is a book written n Spanish, I do not know the name, but many excerpts from it are said to be included in the Albright book.
I guess you can just search the interent and read whatever you can find there as I do not know of a best website.
There are a few VHS tapes done years ago so not sure if they are available currently.
"The Peruvian Paso, An Oasis in the Desert" a 60 minute documentary.
"Conformation and Gait of the Peruvian Paso" by Benni Barto
Benni Barto and did a couple of tapes on training also.

Please ask your questions here and see if our fellow members are able to provide great responses.

I know nothing about Onix or the dam of your horse. I do remember Savaje Negro. A beautiful black stallion with a fantastic gait. Seems he was winning every gait class and many Breeding Championships when he was showing. His bloodlines if I remember correctly were a cross of Piloto fron Iquenito with a Palomo bloodline mare, a north-south combination. Very nice bloodlines. I have a couple with that same Piloto-Palomo cross and they are great horses.

Hope this helps and enjoy your horse. :)

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