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natural hoof care vs. shoeing (Views 8,118)
Posted by Viveza_1 8 Mar 2008, 10:45
Do any Peruvian Paso owners shoe their horses? I am hearing conflicting debate on this...I thought they were not supposed to be shod? Does terrain matter? How different is hoof care with a Peruvian from other breeds?

Posted by PPforum 12 Mar 2008, 08:37
Yes, some do for various reasons. Those might be, for corrective shoeing, for parades, or for excessive hoof wear due to riding on rough terrain. So that will answer the terrain question. If your horse is having hoof problems due to the terrain he is traveling, shoes will be in order. An alternative if you absolutely do not want to shoe the horse is a boot.

Peruvians cannot be shown in shoes, other than that there is no rule saying shoes cannot be used.

Hoof care of the Peruvian horse is sometimes claimed to be different from other breeds. I would ignore most of those claims and use a natural type horse trim. Much can be found on natural trims by searching the internet. Basically keep the toe short, the heels back and short and the angle close to the pastern angle. One thing you also might wish to check is the angle of the hair line of the hoof looking from the front to the back, look for a 30 degree angle. That angle allows the coffin bone to be correctly aligned with the ground.

I prefer to not shoe my horses at all and think shoeing is one of the worst thing for the health of the hoof. Keep it natural and have fun.

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