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Posted by Stacey 12 May 2008, 09:51
I recently obtained a rescue horse who I believe is a Peruvian Paso but may be a Paso Fino. He is gaited and extremely smooth. Our poor guy is having some problems with his left hind leg. He hoofs were very long and we thought maybe he had an abscess in his hoof, because he would not put his heel down and walked on his toe. We had a vet and a ferrier out but neither of the two knew the breed and I just didn't feel comfortable with the vets opinion ( recommended canidate for being euthanized) We haven't had ex-rays done yet.

The Ferrier had a little bit better outlook. Our guy didn't have an abscess like we had hoped, but while walking him, we started noticing the more we moved him the better he moved. The ferrier did some stretches on our guys leg, he started putting his heel down after about four steps. We did a trim ( I hope we trimmed him right for a "PASO"). And so far he seems to be doing OK, he will still walk on his toe in the morning or after standing for a while. But if we walk him out or in watching him in the pasture, if he starts trotting ( OK, their version of a trot ), he will start putting his heel down after moving around.

Now here is my question: I want to find a Vet and/or someone in my area who specializes in gaited horses. Is there some sort of registery or something other then me calling every vet in the book.

We are becoming very attached to this guy, He is so kind and gentle and wants to work so badly. We really want to help him, but have limited resources. We just can't afford to be paying people who don't know what their talking about.

I live in Loveland Colorado by the way. Just in case there is a local reader who can help

He stoled my heart

Posted by PPforum 13 May 2008, 19:23
Hi Stacey,

Sorry I am not in Colorado and know of no vet registry pertaining to paso horses. You should not need that anyway. An experienced, competant vet should be able to diagnose a leg problem regardless of the horse breed. I suggest you look for a vet that is well regarded in the area for diagnosing leg problems. Maybe someone else is familiar with your area and can help.

I would look into Strausser hoof trimming. It may be possible if the heels are too long or the bars overgrown that he is experiencing heel pain. Getting his heels the correct length and the angles of the hoof correct to align his coffin bone at the proper angle may help.

It may also be possible it is a ligament injury which will be more difficult to treat. I would also have the hock checked.

Hope you can find a solution as he sounds like a wonderful horse.

Posted by Stacey 14 May 2008, 15:30
Thank you very much for your reply. Yes he is a wonderful horse and we are finding out just how wonderful he really is. The other day our seven year old wanted to take care of Diesel and we stood in awe of this horse so patiently lowering his head so our son could put his halter on and then walking very calmly and carefully to the rail while our son tied him up and proceded to brush him. Our jaw dropping moment came when our son took out the hoof pick and showed it to Diesel, Diesel lifted his hoof! and proceded to do that at every leg the boy stood by. I was AMAZED! Our Quarter horses arent near as sweet or (trained I guess). You have to ask them sometime repeatedly to left their leg then they put their weight into your hand where Diesel holds his leg for you. THAT'S COOL!!

Do you know of a good way to tell if our Diesel is a Paso Fino or a Peruvian? I have watched his movements and he does have some side swing ( sorry I don't know the terminology) And seems to have a stockier build the a Paso Fino. I watched videos of both and thats why I think he is a Peruvian, but most of the videos I watched were of show horses. So it's hard for me to tell. I guess it really doesn't matter we love him either way.

I will look into another vet, we are new to the area and I just happened to come upon another ferrier who's wife was a vet. My first impression was she was just out of school and not real experienced.

Thanks again,

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