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Posted by puppitypup 18 Jul 2008, 11:28
Hubby has a Foxtrotter and I've been bouncing along behind him on my mustang for too many years now. I'm considering a gaited horse, and I love the look of the Peruvians Paso's. I've got two concerns though, first I'm a bit of a timid rider. I enjoy a spirited horse, but I wouldn't be able to handle a quivering ball of energy. I've read that Peruvians are gentle horses, well suited to families, but on the other hand the "brio" issue is worrying me.

My second concern is that I'm overweight. Would a 14 to 14.2 hand Peruvian be able to handle 240 lbs?

Thank you for your help!


Here's me and my Mustang

Posted by PPforum 20 Jul 2008, 19:37
Hi Julie,

A Peruvian horse will be perfect for what you wish. Even may make your husband jealous.

The brio of the Peruvian horse is the willingness to comply with the rider's requests. A horse with the proper brio should be calm, easily controlled and yet have the energy to accomplish any task you ask. Just be sure to check out any prospective horse for these traits and avoid the nervous balls of energy that are unable to channel their energy to a good purpose. Those horses do not have brio.

As far as the weight, it is true that much weight is a concern when riding any horse. A properly conformed Peruvian horse is a very strong one and should be able to handle the weight when properly conditioned for the tasks asked of that horse. Make sure the angles of the legs are correct, the body deep and stout. I prefer the smaller size ones as you mention but you can find Peruvian horses as large as 15.2 hands

Look around carefully and I believe you can find a Peruvian horse to accomplish your goals of a smooth, comfortable and fun ride for many years to come.


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