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Too Skinny PP? (Views 4,146)
Posted by Nikkil 20 Jul 2009, 21:14
My 4 year old PP is quite narrow through the midsection, and my trainer thinks she needs to put on weight/muscle mass, although you can barely see her ribs so she does not appear undernourished by traditional standards. She is 14.2 hands and has a very long back with a prominent spine, further exaggerating her slender appearance. We feed her high fat/low sugar grain and add vegetable oil to it, and she has unlimited access to hay, yet she doesn't seem to be gaining weight. While she has been in training for nearly three months, her workout is not strenuous. Before engaging a vet, I am interested in knowing if a narrow barrel is characteristic of Peruvian Pasos. Any thoughts?

Posted by PPforum 23 Jul 2009, 22:24
Some Peruvian horses have a narrower barrel. It is possible as she gets a year or two older she will fill out. Be sure she has been wormed and her teeth do not need floating. Check to see if the hay is good quality.

As long as she is not getting prominent ribs and hip bones showing, and is alert and has lots of energy, I would continue your current program.

IF it is a Peruvian trainer, many now are wanting Peruvian horses to be very fat. That can be as bad or worse as the condition your horse is in.


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