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Posted by queenoftorts 6 Sep 2009, 18:52
Hi: I have determined from my Peruvian's behavior, bucking, pawing etc, that my current saddle does not correctly fit my horse. He is now 7 and I got him and the saddle at 4. I have already changed to a flex bit, which worked wonders. My horse will walk fine but still gets upset when I ask him to gait. His shoulder is pinched, and he can't flex his back and move out correctly. I have determined his saddle does not fit. So I got him measured but now I don't know which is the best way to go. Some say the flex tree, some say treeless, some say normal tree but correct measurements and of course there is the Raintree Flex panel system. HELP!!! Anyone have suggestions from experience. I want my horse to be comfortable and move to the best of his ability.

Posted by PPforum 7 Sep 2009, 20:05
Hi Queenoftorts,

I have always used a normal tree in the Peruvian saddles and a western saddle I used a lot on my Peruvians. I have never had a problem with saddle fit causing any problems in my horses. Maybe I have used good saddles or have just been lucky. Sorry I have no experience with the flex or treeless saddles. So I cannot comment on their merits or faults. You may need to just contact the Peruvian tack dealers and arrange to use a saddle for a few days to test the fit. That is really the only way you will know for sure if it fits properly. If a dealer will not agree to a test period, go to the next dealer.

You also may wish to check out this information on saddle fit and look at the 4 Beat saddle also. It says it has a 14 day guarantee so you can try it out.

Also there is a video you can watch here:

There are other sellers of gaited saddles.


Lots fo information on all those sites. Hope it helps.

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