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Posted by Snowbird 2 Apr 2011, 08:12
I was wondering what other Peruvian Paso owners use for bits on their horses. We have always used either a 2 roller, or 6 roller peruvian bit. The horse I have recently acquired has been ridden in an Imus bit (no shanks) and having spent a lot of money on bits, tack, etc., I am hesitant to buy yet another bit. Our gelding doesn't like bits at all so we use a side pull on him and that seems to work ok.

Posted by PPforum 14 Apr 2011, 12:30
The bit is less important than the skill of the rider. I have tried snaffle bits and the new flexible Peruvian bits but still prefer the straight 2 or 6 roller Peruvian bits. You can see how mild your bit is by looking at the length of the shanks and size of the port. Shorter and smaller is a milder bit.
Looking at the Imus bit, the big difference is the curve of the bit giving relief of pressure on the tongue. So the horse may be very sensitive to a straight bar. If you go slowly and gently I think you will have no trouble transitioning the horse to your Peruvian bit. Just concentrate on quiet soft hands, balance, and body and leg cues and the bit becomes much less of a factor.

Posted by Snowbird 26 Apr 2011, 22:03
Thank you for your reply about the bits. I started her in an egg butt snaffle, which she is ok in, but of course it's different. Now I am considering using the 2 roller peruvian bit with a gamarilla. I was able to obtain one recently, but not one with a solid nose piece, but rather a jointed one. I'm hesitant to use it because I understand the jointed ones are a little more severe. The lady I purchased the horse from said she has a very soft mouth and I find this to be true. I know that soft hands are a must, and I've been told I have them. However, never having "started" a horse before I don't want to ruin her mouth, and of course don't want to confuse her with a bunch of different mouthpieces.

Posted by PPforum 28 Apr 2011, 12:34
You are welcome.
I thought all gamarillas are jointed. The joint makes it fit to the horses nose better. With it's purpose being to transfer pressure from the bit to the top of the nose (like a bosal) I fail to see how a joint would make a difference in severity. The gamarilla is to be a training aid following the bosal stage of training and sort of fool the horse into thinking it is still in bosal while introducing the bit in a milder way.
I would not hesitate in using the gamarilla.
If you wish to be very cautious put the horse back into 4 reins as you introduce the peruvian bit. You could use a bosal or if you do not have one, a rope halter with reins attached would be a good substitute.
Good luck [:D]

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