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new peruvian owner (Views 1,797)
Posted by jkm54 22 Nov 2015, 20:45
I just purchased a Peruvian for trail riding. She's 15 and well experienced on trail and parade riding. She's not a "people" horse - where my Foxtrotters will come right up looking for attention, the Peruvian will always walk away, making me go get her. Is this a Peruvian trait or is just this horse stand-offish? (It's hard to find helpful resources for Peruvian behavior.) Also, she is basically unrideable around the boarding facility. Very barn sour - if she gets out of sight of her run, she will stop, then spin 180 degrees and go for her pen. Any ideas to stop this? She's dumped me and my trainer, and now I'm afraid to get on her. Thanks for any info!

Posted by PPforum 23 Nov 2015, 19:30
I will say it is an individual horse trait not a Peruvian horse trait to be stand-offish.
Possibly you can make her friendlier with proper handling over time. It may be a result of her previous handling.

The barn sour problem is more serious and can even be dangerous. Sorry to hear you have this problem as it can be difficult to break that habit. I will suggest a method to work on the problem would be to make her uncomfortable when she returns to the pen. Take her out on your ride as far as she will safely go. Allow her to then return to her favorite pen area without a lot of resistance. Once there make her work very hard. Ride her in circles, both directions, and make her work very hard. Then ride her off a distance and allow her to stop and rest. Praise her if she is quiet and not nervous to return. If she wants to return allow it, but then again work her very hard near the pen.Repeat , repeat, repeat, going farther away and staying away longer if she allows it. Hopefully she will learn returning quickly to her pen is not so pleasant and going on a ride is easier. Please be careful and get another person to work on this if you feel unable to handle her. But since you will not be fighting her impulses to return to her pen and allowing the return it should be safer. Just keep her working near the pen so she will enjoy going away and being allowed to rest and reward her when she cooperates. Patience and repetition and pray.Well mostly the patience and repetition and I think she will improve. Best of luck.

Posted by jkm54 26 Nov 2015, 17:24
Thank-you so much for the advice. We'll give it a try. We hate to give up on her - under her "leave-me-alone" attitude seems to be a very sweet horse.

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